Our Mobile Grinding Process is Good For:

Land Clearing
Construction Waste
Building Demolition
Natural Disaster
Logging Slash
Green Waste
Log Yard Waste
Lumber Ends
Railroad Ties


5225 Thelin Street
Ft. Worth, Texas


6:30AM - 6PM
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Thelin Recycling is a service company that excels in contract mobile grinding of green waste. Using DiamondZ tub grinders, Thelin Recycling effectively removes green waste from a variety of situations

Typical Thelin grinding operation includes loader, tub grinder and excavator.

including, land clearing, natural disaster sites, log yard waste, demolition sites and more. We take your unwanted pallets, logs, railroad ties and turn them into an environmentally friendly mulch product. Professional technicians, quality service and state-of-the art equipment enables us to effectively manage your green waste project.

That's where Thelin Recycling comes in.

Recycling equipment including grinder, screen, magnet
and conveyor.

Often offering less expensive fees than area landfills, Thelin grinds waste asphalt shingles in the preparation of RAS (Recycled Asphalt Shingles) which will be used as an additive to

hot mix asphalt road surfaces.

In addition to the asphalt shingles, Thelin also accepts a variety of compostable materials. By mulching waste wood cleared from construction sites, Thelin is able to offer the finished product as mulch and landscaping materials.

Visit our Products and Services sections of the website to learn more about these and other uses for recycled materials.

Recycling makes GOOD SENSE and GOOD ROADS.