Mulch is used to retain soil moisture, regulate soil temperature, suppress weed growth, and for aesthetic purposes in landscaping. Mulch is applied to the soil surface, around trees, paths and flower beds. Mulch can help with soil erosion on slopes and is used in production areas for flowers and vegetable crops. To optimize these benefits a 3" layer of mulch is recommended.

How many square feet does a cubic yard of bulk mulch cover?

Depth of mulchSquare feet covered


BASF colorants

Our colorants feature high-quality ingredients and uniform encapsulation for superior adhesion. Colors are consistently vivid with BASF, and our UV-resistant technologies ensure the durable, long-lasting performance of every colorant.

Economy colorants

Economy colorants may not offer the advantages of BASF products. Key factors to consider are the quality of the ingredients and how they adversely affect adhesion, coverage, vibrancy and ability to prevent premature weathering.


RED mulch is uniform in size and is made exclusively from native Texas trees. No dimensional lumber or pallets are ever used in Thelin products.

Colored Red Mulch

Colored RED Mulch $25/cubic yard

BLACK mulch is uniform in size and is made exclusively from native Texas trees. No dimensional lumber or pallets are ever used in Thelin products.

Black Mulch in the Fort Worth Area

Colored BLACK Mulch $25/cubic yard

BROWN mulch is uniform in size and is made exclusively from native Texas trees. No dimensional lumber or pallets are ever used in Thelin products.

Chocolate Brown Mulch

Chocolate BROWN Mulch $25/cubic yard


HARDWOOD BARK mulch consists only of the bark from hardwood trees. No limbs or leaves are used.

Hardwood bark mulch Thelin Recycling

Hardwood BARK Mulch $30/cubic yard

HARDWOOD mulch is produced from native Texas hardwood trees.

Hardwood Mulch Thelin Recycling

Hardwood Mulch $25/ cubic yard

CEDAR mulch is uniform in size and a natural deterrent of insects.

Cedar Mulch Fort Worth

CEDAR Mulch $25/cubic yard

PINE BARK mulch consists only of the bark from Pine trees. No limbs or leaves are used.

Pine Bark Mulch

PINE BARK Mulch $35/cubic yard

PECAN SHELL mulch has a unique redish color and varies in texture. It is a natural product consisting of pecan hulls.

Pecan Shell Mulch

PECAN SHELL Mulch $45/cubic yard


ORGANIC COMPOST adds essential nutrients and microbes to any soil. The organic matter increases water retention and promotes robust growth and stability for plants.

Organic Compost

Organic Compost $25/cubic yard


MIXED SOIL is a combination of organic compost and fine cushion sand. The unique blend of finely screened ingredients make this soil a good choice for vegetable gardens and flowers.

Mixed Soil Thelin Recycling

Mixed Soil $25/cubic yard

PROFESSIONAL BEDDING MIX is specially formulated to provide maximum growth potential and stability for shrubs, flowers, and gardens.

Professional Bedding Mix

Professional Bedding Mix $28/cubic yard


CUSHION SAND is a general purpose sand to be used under concrete sidewalks and driveways. It can also be mixed with bedding soil for landscaping.

Cushion Sand

Cushion Sand $30/cubic yard

DECOMPOSED GRANITE is also referred to as D.G. It comes from the break down of solid granite. D.G. is commonly used for walkways and driveways. It is also popular in drought tolerant landscape applications.

Decomposed Granite

Decomposed Granite $70/cubic yard

CONCRETE SAND is used in a variety of applications, including concrete mortar mixture and soil amendments.

Concrete Sand

Concrete Sand $45/cubic yard

CONCRETE REMIX is 50% crushed limestone and 50% manufactured limestone sand. Its intended use is for making concrete. Just add cement and water.

Concrete Remix

Concrete Remix $55/cubic yard

PEA GRAVEL is washed gravel used for walkways, playgrounds, and general landscaping. Approximate size is less than 3/8".

pea gravel Fort Worth

3/8" Pea Gravel $50/cubic yard

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